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Puttdots are a training tool used by golfers who want more confidence, consistency and focus at address. Each Puttdots order includes four (4) sets of two (2) angled dots that come pre-centered and pre-aligned on a peel away applicator. Once applied, the angled dots identify the outskirts of the sweet spot, putting the focus on the center of the putter face. Puttdots give you immediate feedback on mishits, in the form of a visual change in direction, change in sound, and change in feel. The immediate feedback ultimately creates a positive outcome, by motivating the golfer to focus on the area of impact while putting.

Apply Puttdots today to become more square with the putter face overall building a more repeatable & predictable stroke, this leads to more putts starting on your intended line and finishing at the bottom of the cup!



  • Reusable https://www.instagram.com/p/CK636EblvOG/
  • Low profile
  • Leaves ONLY the sweet spot open for you to strike.
  • Creates concrete muscle memory
  • When struck properly you hit your own putter face, giving you the same feel and sound as you would get on the course.  

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the puttdot effect

simple and easy to use

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